To Share Myself

I see heaven in your smile and
I see angels in your eyes
I want to tell you about my joy
and this love I hold inside
You make me feel so passionate
these words cannot express
I feel as though my heart
will surely explode from out my chest
You fill me with excitement
and desire so strong it burns
Being with you when I'm feeling bad
makes my happiness return
I wish that I could hold you close
and stroke your flowing hair
To taste your lips, to feel your skin,
to have my feelings shared

I want to share myself with you
to build a love, to build a life
a happiness so true
I want to share myself with you
to be together until the end of time
there's nothing I wont do

My heart aches something fierce
whenever you are gone
I can't emphasize the sadness enough
I've felt it for so long
But then you come back to me
and seem to know just what to say
To make me feel alive again
to brighten up my day
You give off such warmth and energy
I feel I might combust
But I would gladly endure the flames
if I could feel your gentle touch
I hope you'll stay a part of my life
without you it'd be too rough
I'd give you my heart, my soul, everything
because I love you so damn much