Someone Like You (Amanda's Song)

I look at you and a million
thoughts go through my mind
Someone with so much thoughtfulness
like you is hard to find
You have so much style,
so much beauty, so much grace
You fill me with so much passion
I long to hold you in my embrace
I wish I could let you know
how much you truly mean to me
But I fear I'd push you away
so I'll have to let things be
The way I feel, hopefully
someday you'll understand
I'll try my best to help you
all you'll need is to take my hand

If I fall down
Will you help me up
Will you stick around
I need someone like you
I want someone like you

Every time I look in your eyes
like radiant pools of green
I long to drown within their warmth
like some magnificent dream
 Your enchanting beauty outshines
even the brightest of the stars
I don't think there are words that can express
how truly special you are
Your smile is a supernova
igniting emotions deep down
Your laughter is infectious
It's truly such a joyous sound
I'd move the heavens and the earth
I'd do everything that I could do
I feel so lucky that you're a part of my life
these words I say are true