I put pen to paper
writing down what I feel
I dredge up every emotion
every would that will not heal
Every though I've ever had
rolling through my head
Expelling every syllable
every word I want said
I mean everything I write
down in a song
Things I can't speak aloud
because they seem so wrong
I've loved and lost
I've lost allot
loneliness is my destiny
This seems the only way to cope
my music is my therapy

Every song that's sung
Every word that's said
All the emotions shared
All the tears I've shed
It's real

The words don't always come out
so easily for me
Sometimes I have to think about it
before they'll come free
Inspiration to write isn't
that hard for me to find
There's plenty of experiences
locked deep within my mind
Or I can look to someone
that's near and close by
Focus on something about her
perhaps her bewitching eyes
Or maybe her beautiful radiant smile
or her free flowing hair
Whichever part I choose
there's plenty to write about there