My Apology

I'm not sure what to do
I'm not sure what to say
I fear I'm smothering you
with what I feel everyday
I only wish to make you happy
but I only seem to fail
dragging you down with my hurt
burdening you with my hell

I'm trying so hard
It's not as easy as it seems
The only thing I ask
Please don't give up on me
How could something so right
feel so wrong
I've been too damn sad
for too damn long
I hate what this has done
to you and me
I hope that you'll accept
my apology

I'm sorry for the way I feel
I hate how it's effecting us
The damage done to our friendship
The damage done to your trust
I hope that you can forgive me
for all that I put you through
I pray our friendship will survive
It's all I need from you

There's so much I want to tell you
so much I want to say
But every time I try
the words choke along the way
Considering all that's happened
they're probably better left unspoken
I feel I've done enough damage
I don't want our friendship broken