In Your Spell

I look into your eyes
and my worries melt away
I want you to know that
there's nothing I wouldn't do for you
You make me feel so much happiness
My love grows every day
You're the sunshine on my rainy days
it's true

When you smile my heart just melts
all my problems disappear
To hear you and see you laughing
makes me grin from ear to ear
You turn my sadness into joy
You create heaven from hell
I'm enchanted by your radiant warmth
I'm trapped within your spell

You move with a gracefulness
like an angel from up high
You fill me with feelings
I cannot comprehend
Your hair is flowing like golden thread
reflective in the light
You ignite a fire deep within
I hope it never ends

I love you with all my heart and soul
You are so dear to me
My life is so much better
with you a part of it
I hope and pray that will never end
and I'll beg here on my knees
If it would make you happy
my life I'd gladly forfeit