I Want To...

My heart's been broken
So many times
The pieces seem to no longer fit
I trust you with them
along with my soul
Together we can mend it
Your smile is radiant like the sun
Bringing light to what was dark
I burn with a passion deep inside
It was your warmth
That made it spark

I want to hold you in my arms
And whisper in your ear
I want to tell you about all my pain
Will you wipe away my tears
I want to look deep into your eyes
And say what I've longed to speak
I want to tell you that I love you
But my fear has made me weak

It's hard to go through life
With so much pain
I've felt it everyday
But then you came into my life
And took it all away
You make me feel so alive
And like there's nothing that
I can't do
It isn't a lie that
I would gladly spend
The rest of my life with you

When I'm sitting by myself
Feeling alone and sad
I think about your beautiful smile
And then things aren't so bad
I think about the way you seem
To care about me so much
I long to be in your embrace
To feel your gentle touch

You are my soul, my inspiration
You make me want to live
I have so much love to offer you
Just ask and I will give
To hold you close and kiss your lips
These things I would so treasure
To be with you in love, in life,
In happiness forever