I Die

The darkness threatens to swallow me whole
I can feel it deep inside seeping into my soul
All of my demons that are trapped within
rushing to the surface, breaking my skin
I can't escape this pain, the agony's consuming
The misery growing stronger, my anguish is blooming
The monsters within are tearing me apart
consuming my flesh and demolishing my heart
It all seems so fake yet it's all so real
with all of this damage there's no way I can heal
Please just take it away, please just make it all end
Please just make it all better so it never happens again
I die

Every time you're gone
I die a little each day
It's like a part of me is missing
and I cannot find my way
Please don't leave me
Don't ever leave my side
The hurt only grows stronger
and the pain I just can't hide
I die

All this blood on my hands it will not wash away
A reminder of al the shit I go through everyday
You just don't understand what I have to go through
So much fucking punishment, this is hell I've gone to
God dammit why do I have to be punished so much
Why do I have to go through something so tough
I whither and blister, I burn and I peel
I try to be cool yet you torture me still
I try to be calm, I try to relax
but I can't escape this demon that's clawing my back
I can't shake the darkness, it's got hold of my soul
It's taken me under, it's swallowed me whole
I die