Given Up

Here I sit broken and bleeding
watching the world pass me by
Overcome by loneliness as
tears stream from my eyes
I'm tired from all the heartache
I'm tired of all the pain
It's eaten upon my weakened soul
No longer can I take the strain

I've given up
It's just too much

Misery is my only friend
I sink into it deeper
A pitiful old man I've become
My will is growing weaker
I long to be in death's embrace
to feel it's cold arms around me
To put and end to my sadness
To put an end to my agony

My batteries have run low
My strength completely gone
In reality my life is short
but it's truly felt so long
I look toward my final days
when I can lay down to sleep
and fall into the dark abyss
into death's pit so deep

There's nothing left for me to do
There's nothing left to give
No more will to drive me on
No more reason to live
Loneliness is all I've felt
Never have I known love
Now I bid you farewell as my
last breath's taken in death's glove