Bound for Nowhere

I wander down this lonely road
trying to hitch a ride
my belonging on my back and
a guitar right by my side
My feet are growing tired
my shirt soaked through with sweat
My head aches from the heat and
I've got a long way to go yet
I look off to the horizon
it stretches on and on
I walk onward towards it
this journey seems so long
I leave the past behind me
but the scars always remain
I'll forever travel onward
to search for happiness again

I'm heading off to the middle of nowhere
No specific place I am bound
I'm heading off to the middle of nowhere
I wont return until my soul is found

The moon shines high above me
The cold wind blows through my hair
I have no jacket to protect me
but at this point I don't care
The wolves cry in the distance
the vultures fly over head
but it's only the coldness I feel
in my heart that I dread
It seems as though I'm destined
to walk through this life alone
because the touch and love from a woman
I've never known
So here I walk along
my guitar my only friend
Forever I'll be moving on
searching for happiness again