All My Pain

I don't know what to say
I feel it everyday
I'm losing control
I feel so numb
It's taken every breath
I beat myself to death
I've dug myself a hole
What have I become

All my pain
It swallows me whole
It blackens my soul
I can not let go of
All my pain
It's tearing me apart
this feeling in my heart
Please help me release it
All my pain

These tears run down my face
I feel like such a disgrace
Why can't this all end
it feels so wrong
As I just sit here and cry
Nothing but misery by my side
I've wished my life would end
for so damn long

You've sent my whole world reeling
I wish I could stop feeling
Just switch off my emotions
send them away
You squashed my heart like a bug
and swept the pieces under the rug
I'm just going through the motions
until my final day