All My Life

I had a dream last night
I was holding you in my arms
and everything was alright
You've knocked me out of my shoes
You make me feel so good
I've got nothing to lose
I look into your eyes
It took me by surprise
These feelings are so true
What am I to do

All my life
I've looked for someone like you
To make my dreams come true
All my life
You make me feel complete
Without you I grow weak
All me life

You set my heart on fire
You ignite a passion deep inside
can't you feel my desire
I want to touch you silky skin
to stroke your flowing hair
I hope it never ends
I'm overcome with these feelings
It's sent my senses reeling
I've kept them deep inside
now I can no longer hide

I look into your eyes
like pools of radiant energy
they make me hypnotized
When I see your smiling face
my heart swells with so much love
and it quickens its pace
You've got a hold on my soul
It makes me lose all control
I want to share my life with you
What am I to do