Here I sit alone with my thoughts
as I have so often before.
I feel this great sadness inside myself.
A void I am unsure of how to fill.
I slowly drift off into a deep slumber.
My dreams are of a land
where the wilderness surrounds me.
The flowers bloom
as if it were eternally spring.
I stretch out my arm
and upon it perches a great bird.
It nibbles upon its feathers
before looking into my eyes.
Then it takes flight again.
I reach after it
and I find myself soaring
through the air.
I metamorphose into a great eagle
flying high over the vast countryside below.
I land upon a rocky outcropping
overlooking a beautiful lake.
I see a beauty swimming
as natural as the day she was born.
I watch this vision
captivated by her every move.
I feel a pull towards her,
as if she were a missing piece of myself.
I dive below into the warm water
shifting into a new form as I fall.
I am a fish
small and delicate.
I watch her from below
as she splashes about.
Eventually, she slowly makes her way to the shore
where I grow and change to follow.
I become a great wolf.
I sit and watch as she dries herself.
Suddenly she looks over
and sees me watching with great intent.
I come forth and nuzzle against her leg.
She strokes my thick fur
as I let out a low, pleasant growl of contentment.
Slowly I begin to transform
into my human self.
She backs away
frightened at first,
unsure of how to proceed.
I reach out my hand towards her.
She slowly takes it
as an electrical charge passes through our fingers.
Slowly, carefully, we embrace.
Our lips meet in a passionate kiss.
Time passes.
Many suns rise.
Many moons shine.
We become one
in body and soul.
We belong.
I suddenly awaken
to find myself alone with my thoughts
as I have so often before.
'Twas a dream, I find.
Slowly I rise to begin a new day
but I find that my feet are wet,
and there's soil between my toes...
Deep inside of me, 
I feel a little part of that void fill.
Click here to listen to the song I wrote based on this poem.