Hey its an update!  I've made my website a lot easier to update now by using inline frames so hopefully there'll be more frequent updates.  I'm not going to make any promises though.  One thing you'll notice that I've changed is the Guestbook button has been replaced with a MySpace button.  The place that used to supply it decided not to do them anymore so since I've been using MySpace for a bit now I figured I'd link to that instead.  I've also added some more songs to my songs page which is in the Writing section.  I've put them on a page called "scraps".

Holy crap, an update.  I've done some minor maintenance around the site, fixing broken links and broken images and stuff.  I've also added some new Desktop Themes.  One new Metallica theme and a Lacuna Coil theme.  If you don't know who Lacuna Coil are, shame on you.   They're one of the best bands out there and they write some great music.  I've got 2 good links on my Music Links page to their official website and one fansite and they've both got some great stuff on them.  I've also restructured my song page.  Now, not only can you read the lyrics (for those songs that have them), but you can also hear me play them and sing them very badly (for those songs that I've written music for and recorded).  I've also added a new section to my Transformers site in the customs section.  It showcases some of the Digital Repaints I've done recently.  If you don't know what a Digital Repaint (or digibash) is, it's explained on the page for you.  I've also updated the logo on my Metallica site.  That's about it.  Enjoy!

I've uploaded some new songs and poems that I've written recently.  Enjoy!

Completely overhauled the site.   I've been wanting to completely redo the site and have been putting it off simply because it was such a massive job.  For some reason my site got deleted from Crosswinds so that gave me the kick in the ass I needed to get it done.  I tried to give the site an overall uniform look that ties everything together instead of being a hodge-podge of stuff just thrown together.  I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.  Enjoy!

Added a ton of "new" artwork to my art page.  It's not really new, just stuff that I didn't get a chance to put up earlier.   

Nothing major.  Just added a new poem to my poems page, which you can find in the writing section.   

Bought a Firebird so I created a new page for it and changed a couple other pages to reflect this.  This is the best car ever!  I rule.  :-)   

Overhauled my G.I.Joe page, Metallica page, Dragon Lair, and updated my Desktop Themes page with updated Metallica themes and a couple other Music related Themes.  Changed allot of the main page graphics as well.   

Just recently got a new computer which came with a really awesome 19" monitor.  After looking at the same old web page on it I came to the conclusion that it was rather boring and needed a bit of color.  So I redid some of the graphics.  IMO it looks a lot better.   

Pyre's Domain makes it's big move!  We are now located at Crosswinds.   

Changed some of the graphics a bit and altered a couple other things.  Also added some new pages, one for stuff I've written and another for my Jeep.  Check 'em out.   

Updated logos and such to reflect my nethandle change (although I changed my nethandle over a year ago :-P )    

Changed everything back to normal now that Christmas is over.   

Merry Christmas!  Fooled around with the graphics to make this place look X-masy.   

I've redone the main graphic on the Frontpage since it didn't look too good after taking out the links to the pages I closed down.   

Due to lack of interest among other things, I've closed down my Star Wars, Knight Rider, and Dudes From The Future pages.  Sorry.   

Happy New Year!  To celebrate the new year, I've revamped my page.  I'm VERY pleased with this new look and will probably stick with it for a while.  IMO this is the best it's ever looked.  I've fixed up my Metallica page as well to try and make it more presentable.  I've also added a new section dedicated to my G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero custom figures which you can find here. So there you have it.  Look around, check out what I've done, and please feel free to sign my Guestbook and tell me what you think.  Enjoy!   

Merry Christmas!   

Everything's back to normal.   

Happy Halloween folks!   

Changed the format of the page pretty much giving it a complete overhaul. Also changed some of my other pages around as well. Check 'em out.   

Redid the menu using a new Java applet that I found. It plays sounds when you move the cursor over the buttons and when you click on them. I think it's pretty cool. Added some links to the Women section as well. Check 'em out.  

Restructured the Desktop Themes page and added some new themes as well. Also added a new Links section dealing with Comic Books.

Added a couple more links to the General Links section as well the Music Links section and added a new section all together. Also spiffied up my Knight Rider page as well as my Transformers page. Also added a new section: The Rock's Dragon Lair.

The Rock's Domain gets a slight overhaul. The Links section is spiffied up a bit. New links are added and ones that no longer work are taken off. The menu is given a facelift and kewl new buttons are added. The "Learn about The Rock" page is updated with some new info. The Front Page is updated with a new logo and a new format similar to the Halloween and Borg layout. The Metallica section is given a massive overhaul. The Transformers section is tweaked a bit and is given a new Opening page. The Knight Rider section is tweaked a bit with new links and a new section. The Dudes From The Future is updated with new pictures of the cast. Hell is fixed up a bit with most if not all of the dead links taken off. Enjoy!

05-96 to 12-97
The Rock's Domain goes through several changes, the most being during the holiday seasons. Several sections open during that time and one of them closes.

The Rock's Domain moves to it's new home at RICA.

The Rock's Domain is first created.